I need to organize my projects How can I activate my libraries

I am working with 15 students and each one of them is in a different level so I WANT TO ORGANIZE MY PROJECTS

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I noticed that you posted this in the Unit 2 section of the forum. If your students are all in your class in Code, you should be able to access everyone’s individual work through the dashboard. Are you working in Unit 2 or in a different section?

I am working in many sections as my students are in different grades

Hey Sandra!

Could you provide a little more info as to what you’re trying to access/organize?

Are you looking to access individual lessons or student projects? If you have students working in different units, the only way to access their individual work is by going to each unit/lesson, whereby you can also provide them with feedback.

If you want to access bigger projects or assessments such as a web page or a challenge level, you could have students send you a link to their work via Google Classroom (or whatever learning platform you prefer) using the SHARE button in the top right of their screen.

If you can give a little more detail about your needs, others may have more ideas to help!


I want to organize my projects in libraries How can I do that

This article about libraries may help. I’m not sure this is what you wanted to do, but this is how the “My Libraries” tab is used.

@miss.sandra.vazquez ,

If you are just looking to be able to keep track of student projects, you may want to make a google sheet or google doc and either paste the student shared links into that doc or share it with them and have them put in their shared links. I am not aware of any way on the platform to create libraries to help you track student projects, but I have seen several teachers use this method when they want to create a document so all students can access all of the class projects and play the games or see the websites.

Hope this helps a little.


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I’d second this. My “My Projects” list has over 100 projects in it now, and there’s seemingly no way to create folders to organize them. It would be infinitely helpful to be able to sort them… I’d have a folder of previous student work examples, etc. I’m hoping they’ll add this feature!

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This might be a great suggestion for our engineers! I encourage you to go to where it says “Report a Problem” and change the subject line to “I’d like to request a feature”. Code.org is very responsive to teachers’ ideas and suggestions!
This support article may help too.