Team Mode on Projects


I have a couple of students that forgot to close the team sharing and now their individual web site projects are connected. How do I get them separated so they can do it on their own?


Hmmmm… what happens if you just stop pairing? If they are missing code in their own accounts, they could always copy/paste and send it to one another via email or on Google Classroom if you use that. This is a new one for me. Give it a shot and let us know what happens.


I think I actually fixed it. I copied their code and put it in a Word document and then pushed the button to start all over. It worked. I had to do it for both of them, but it solved the problem. Thanks for your help!



Also remember the share/remix feature on the top left corner. I don’t know what your school policy is on sharing, but would think this would be ok to share work so other students in the class could access. Glad the MS Word trick helped!