Undo sharing Unit 2



I have several students who shared Unit 2, Lesson 6. Somehow they shared their own index.html page and when I go in to look at it, it is shared with a partner. Is there a way I can undo this so I can see their individual page?



Hi Kathy,

In order to see their individual page, you can close the yellow box “This puzzle was…”. You will need to close the Teacher panel and click on the “x”. I tried to undo the share and could not get it to work. I would probably have the students rename their index.html.

Hope this helps


I will try that, thank you!


The students are unable to rename their original index.html



This is a good opportunity to disconnect the code from the file. I would show them how to select all the html (cmmd/ctrl + a) and then delete the index.html file, then start a new index.html and paste everything over the existing. If you are comfortable, you could find any HTML editor (Thimble, W3Schools, General Assembly, Brackets, WebStorm, Dreamweaver) and copy/paste the code in those to show that it works. It’s not just a “WebLab” thing, but they are learning code that can be used in any of these editors.

Hope that helps!


This is still not working. We tried to do a new index.html and it doesn’t work. When we share it the links are working fine but on the project side they don’t work.



Sorry for the troubles. I’d submit a big report because it should work.




We don’t allow students to delete the index.html file (or rename it) because it will break their ability to share the project. If links are not working, it’s probably because there is an error somewhere else in the code that is causing Web Lab to break the links. Web Lab is a little more strict about correct code than most browsers, so sometimes the links will work when shared into the main browser but will not work on Web Lab. If you share the code, we can help find the error in it.



I shared it above. When you click on the link below, the hyperlinks to the other pages work. It is not working on the project side so the code is correct. Here is the link:



Hi Kathy,

I think this is the same project that was posted on another thread. (Hyperlink going to blank page) The errors that I listed on that thread are still in the project. Can you have the student fix those errors and try the links again?



I’m not sure where to find that.


Are you talking about this? We did this.

Hi Ellen,

In order for us to see the code, you will need to share the project link. Unfortunately, the button to do that is hidden here to prevent students from sharing their code too early. To share this project with us…

  1. Go to bubble 11 in this lesson.
  2. Click on the “Share” button in the top left of the screen.
  3. Copy the link it gives you and paste it here.



Click on the following link: Hyperlink going to blank page


I found it and I’m trying it now.


Great! It looks like it’s mostly resolved except for the same bug that’s on the “Favorite Players” page (the bug with “/img” at the end of the image tag). Hopefully that last little fix will take care of it.