Students reflecting on each other's work

How do I have students SHARE their CSD Unit 2 Lesson 7 web pages with a peer to do a peer reflection and provide feedback? We are using Microsoft Word and sharing the document with editing capabilities so that is not an issue. How does a classmate see another classmate’s web page in I have turned on sharing, but I can’t see what that will look like for them and want to walk them through it.
We are remote.

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If you look at the upper left hand corner of the screen on unit 2, Lesson 7, puzzle 6 (, there will be a “share” button (if you’ve enabled sharing).

Students will click the “Share” button and get the URL that is generated. That URL can then be pasted into a shared document (Word, Excel, Google Doc, etc). and anyone with the link can see the project.

Hope that helps!


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That is perfect! I saw the SHARE but could not “view” whether or not there was a URL to share and this confirms that they can now use the URL in their shared Word documents for a classmate to view. Thanks so much.

Thank you…this is exactly what I was looking for too!