URL, CSD Unit #2, Lesson #14

When my students share their URL with me from Unit #2, lesson #14 they cannot see all of their webpage linked together once posted into Google Classroom. Only I can see it.

Hi @lwatson,

Are they able to see the linked pages and it goes away until they share it, or can they never see the links? I’m wondering if it’s so that they can’t change it once they submit?

–Michael K.

They can only see the full view of their website on the Code.org platform. Once they place the URL in the Google Classroom, I can view everything, but they can’t. Thank you for responding.

Hi @lwatson,
If I remember this correctly, I always have my students turn in their Share link on Google Classroom. They can still view their sites if they put the Share link in the URL bar on their own computers, but they can only alter it within the WebLab platform. Any changes they make and save in WebLab will automatically update the page attached to their Share link. I’m not sure if this answers your question correctly. Let me know if I’m off base and I’ll try to clarify.