Weblab- easy way to grade student work?

What is an effective way to grade Weblab remixes? I ask the students to click share and upload the link to google classroom but when I click on it I get my original assignment (and when I look on their machine, I see the completed assignment.)

Have them post the “share” link?

ummm did you read what I posted?

@tina.voci… have you looked at the link to make sure it’s the share link? I know I have kids do that, but they grab the wrong link and you can tell by looking at it.

This link, for example, is a link to a web lab activity…


This one is a link to a shared project.


If the link looks correct, maybe try copying and pasting it into a browser window and see if that works …

If the link is a lesson link, I would check with one student to see how they are getting the link and if that is the link coming from the “share” button, I would report that to support@code.org.

Hope this helps…