Getting a link to student work in GameLab

We use Google Classroom as our LMS and it would be very nice to be able to get a link to an assignment in GameLab (or any of the materials on Code.Org) that could be “turned in” so that I could see a student’s work on GameLab by clicking on the link as I was assessing their work in Google Classroom.

Currently, I’m having my students submit the link they get from the Share button, that helps, but I’d like to go to the student’s work in GameLab so that I could leave them feedback and see work on other levels. This would significantly reduce my workload and make it much easier to do formative assessment – especially when the assessment is connected with other evidence (e.g., a journal or a written response).

Is there any way to get a link to a student’s work in GameLab that a student could submit?

@urner Right now the Share button is the only option available. If this is something you think others might benefit from, you could suggest this item using the Report a Problem option in Code. This allows you to select “I’d like to request a feature” as a subject line. This puts your request on the radar of the engineers for future consideration. They’re always looking for good ideas from teachers.