CSD Unit 2-Lesson 20_Interlinking students' Webpages

My students are now ready to create their website.
We tried pair-programming, but my students are having a difficult time connecting their web pages together.
None of the previous lessons taught us how to connect students’ link together into a single index.
Can anyone please help my class?

In Lesson 20 Bubble 3, they go through the steps of having students share their individual pages with one another by sharing the links. There seems to be an assumption here about how they get the links to one another. They could:

  • email their share links to one another

  • put their share links on a shared Google Doc so they’re clickable links

  • You could create a question in your district LMS or on Google Classroom where they place their share links so others can see their links and click on them

(Can you tell I work in a Google school?) Once they do that, students will select “view code” on one another’s sites, copy the code, then paste it onto another .html file in their multipage site. It’s less than ideal, but it does work. I always try to make sure I teach students to use Ctrl+A to ‘select all’ when they do this so they don’t accidentally cut things off when they copy the code.

Does anyone else do this a different way? I love hearing new solutions!

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Unfortunately, Pair Programming doesn’t allow something like Google Drive where two students can work on the same project at the same time. I would recommend something like Replit or Anyfile Notepad for that purpose.

For their final group website project, my students used CodingRooms. It allows for real-time sharing and editing.