Unit 2 Lesson 18-20 multipage website group project

I feel like I am missing something. Directions and information keep saying that all students should have the same documents as their teammates. But even when they choose each other through pair programming they do not see the documents. Do they each have to add the pictures and html pages. What about the css, how do they work on the css if they are not sharing the same document?


Hi @angela.marshall,

You are correct in that choosing paired programming will not allow them to see each other’s pages. I think the instructions on Lesson 20 Bubble 3 best describes the process for students to share their project with each other with step-by-step instructions. As for the css, the process would be the same is listed in Lesson 20 bubble 3. Whomever’s task it is to complete the css and share the link with their teammates and then the teammates would copy and paste the code into their css.

Hope this helps,

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