Help With CS Discoveries Unit 2 lesson 20

Hi! This is the first time I’ve taught CS Discoveries, and I am struggling with lesson 20. The lesson is to have students working together to create a website. How can I have them build the same website if code studio does not support simultaneous work? I feel like I’m missing something…

Any help/tips are appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @jill.scalf, has released guidelines for modifying this lesson for distance learning. Similar plans have been added into many other lessons in the curriculum. Does this address your question?

–Michael K.

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Hi Michael @mkmietowicz -
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, that’s not what I’m looking for. I guess what I’m asking is, is it possible for a group of 2-3 to all work simultaneously in code studio, similar to working together on the same Google Doc? After doing more digging, I think I’m finding that is not a possibility right now. But, they are building a website in this lesson, and each student is responsible for their own page in this website. I feel like the directions are unclear, both for the students and for the teacher lesson plans about how they get all of their separate work into one site.

Caveat here: I’m a science teacher, and have been for 10 years… however my current position is a long-term substitute in a Web Development class. has saved me, but this lesson is tripping me up.

I am wondering the same thing!! Or do they have to all do it separately

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I am wondering the same thing. I am doing this slightly different, so some of my students have asked the same question. I told them to put their code on a google doc to share with one another. I hope this will help, but also looking for a reply to @jill.scaif’s question.

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This is what we are doing for now, too! I just feel like there must be a simpler way since the lesson plan doesn’t specify how the students should do it…

@jill.scalf, @timothy_lau, @sblankenship

It would be great if there could be a shared page, but currently that isn’t an option. I would suggest emailing with that request and they can log it for future consideration. Google Docs looks like a workable, though not ideal, solution, even if students are distanced. It does give directions for sharing pages between students and copying and pasting each others’ code, but that is a bit labor intensive.

Perhaps this is something they can consider in future updates. I’m not sure how many technological issues there are to implement such a feature, but it would be nice!


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Your response is a solution. In an effort to make sure my students were understanding tags I had them build a page using google docs. Even though you will not have the preview feature that web lab offers you will be able to copy your finished code into the workspace area between the body tags. That worked really well for me.

With regards to the project, You could have each student be responsible for making a separate page that supports the Websites purpose for good. Then they would share their page’s link and be responsible for linking them together to make one site.

Another approach is to encourage students to develop and assign roles requiring different students to be responsible for different tasks or parts for completing the site. Of course, they will need to develop the prototype on paper to clearly define who will do what. Task can range from someone to collect data, research, find the best videos, work on the CSS, Work on the HML, finding graphics (with attributions), project management based on time schedule, etc… hope this helps

HTML pop quiz in Google Docs)

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