Unable to share and add their peers websites to their own

My students are working on the website project together and are not able to share with each other. The are copying the link and sending them via chat and/or email.


Are they using the “SHARE” links?

Yes, they are using the “Share” links.

What is happening when they send the link? Are the permissions open for them to access the Share link? I’m just trying to clarify so we can better help you.

The permissions are open and they are able to copy but they are having difficulty adding the copied code to their project.

So, if I understand correctly, they are copying code from one project to another? Each project with a separate owner?

I guess I’m just not visioning what is happening.

When they share links, the “share” link is a link to the site itself and they would have to click on “view code” at the bottom to see the actual code.

Then, if they are trying to move code from one project to another, it may not completely work because images inside one project won’t show up in the other and css would also not be linked…

Maybe I’m misunderstanding. It could help us if we had an overall understanding of what their goal was in being able to share sites and copy one another’s code.


I think I’m picturing things much like mwood described in his response. If it’s a matter of sharing code, I’ve heard of some people having students use a shared Google Doc to copy/paste their code to and from one another. This might work for both HTML & CSS if the Doc is set up properly.