Is there something wrong with publishing (code

My students are trying to publish their website by clicking the “Share” button at the end of lesson 9 and 14. This generates a link on code, but they can’t seem to access their website. Is this a bug ? I would like them to be able to send their parents the link.

Hi @pdinh1!

Take a look at this Configuring sharing options for students using App Lab, Game Lab, and Web Lab from Support.

I’m wondering if your settings has ‘disable sharing projects for all students.’
Let me know and I’ll jump back in to help you figure this out!
I’m also wondering if anyone else has this issue?

Hi @kevinsukhoo,

I just checked and I did not disable sharing projects. My students are able to generate an address, (i.e. but when they visit the link, my Safari says it can’t open the page. My students are working on chrome books and they cannot access their website either. I was wondering if this is only happening to me.

Thank you so much for the support.


Hi, sorry to hear that you’re having trouble sharing your projects. When I clicked on the link that you posted, I was able to see the project. It seems like the problem might be in your students accessing the web page, not in sharing the project to the web. Is it possible that the website is blocked at your school?

You may want to check in with your IT department and make sure that is on the whitelist for webpages.

By the way, I love the site.


Good morning Elizabeth!

Thank you so much for your help. Yes, turns out that our district is blocking the site. I am following up with our IT department to get it unblocked. Thank you much!


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That is a really cool site! Kudos to your student! I’m going to share it with my students (they have the same interest, I’m trying to keep up lol ) :grin: