Unit 2: Student Website link not working


One of my student’s shared their website and for some reason the page won’t load when the shared link is clicked on. We have tried this multiple times on different days. Here is the link: https://codeprojects.org/nEmmQl9UD5IHntapG_7MWTX-Xv6DV-QaLB-HmOSVIXA
Any suggestions?



I’m not on the tech team so I don’t know if this is a glitch, but when I opened the link and would “right-click” to view the page source - there was nothing there. By default codeprojects.org has 6 lines of code, then the rest of your projects, but for the link above it was only the 6 lines of code.

So it looks like there is an issue in the save process creating the webpage and then publishing it.

I would also submit a “bug report” by clicking on the top right hand corner and “Report bug” from the three lined menu.