U2L14 - Website: I can't view student's code

When I try to access this student’s code for his website through the link he shared with me, it just tries to load forever. I’ve tried going in through the dashboard page as well, but I get the same result. Has anyone had this issue with Unit 2? Is there a way around that?

This is a little hard to diagnose if the link isn’t opening. It could be one of a few different things. Sometimes if the html or css is incorrectly formed, the browser may struggle opening it. It could also be a sharing issue. Were you with him when he shared it to see if he copied the URL directly after sharing? I’m just guessing, but I’m assuming you have enabled sharing for your students’ projects?

It could also be a random technology glitch.

If you have the URL and can post it, we may be able to see and/or eliminate some of the reasons.

If not, you can also email support@code.org and see if they can help you troubleshoot from their end.

Let us know how it goes.


I have enabled student sharing. The link opens his website, but I cannot view his code. I haven’t had this issue with any of my other CS students. Here is the link: https://codeprojects.org/0BiNuUrsgfsxPL_tU8dult5qHgB_Z915iPQ71Ahy2Mc/


I was able to view the code by clicking on the link and then clicking “View Code” (see screenshot) at the bottom of the screen. You may have tried this so if this doesn’t work for you, I would email support@code.org and let them know.