Unit 7 Libraries

The Libraries Project went well - thanks to all of your feedback. I read it all ahead of time to circumvent any problems!

One question - can I see my students’ libraries in the same format they do (by clicking “manage libraries”)? Right now, I can only see what they submitted on U7 L10 dot #2. Am I supposed to see each student’s shared library? I want to be sure they actually shared it! I can tell by the comments they wrote that some students couldn’t have possibly shared it - they would have gotten an error. Is there a way to see my entire 3rd period class’ shared libraries? Thank you!

Hi @lpiazza ,

I’m not very familiar with this unit, but I poked around a bit to try to find an answer.

From what I’m seeing, I think going to “manage libraries” will show all libraries students shared in any lesson. It allows me to select the section, so you should be able to select your 3rd period, but I’m not sure if there’s any way to tell which libraries are shared specifically through U7 L10 dot 2.

I’ll see if someone more familiar with libraries and sharing can take a look and give you a more definitive answer…

Thank you!
My dropdown only says, “ALL” and has no option to choose the sections I teach. I noticed that when a fellow teacher from one of my code.org professional developments shares a library, I can see it, but I can’t see my students’ shared libraries. I hope that helps! Thanks again for looking into it.

Hi @lpiazza ,

Good question! You should be able to see all libraries published by all students in a given section or all sections following the steps you outlined. A few things I noticed when trying to replicate the problem you described:

  • It might help if you click “Start Over” on your version history for that bubble for yourself.
  • The load time is slow for this part of the tool. I didn’t see anything at first but after waiting for a few seconds, the shared libraries started showing up.
  • It’s not super clear that you can scroll down to see other libraries, but you can. (see gif below)

Hope this helps and please let me know if you still can’t see your students’ shared libraries!


I clicked “start over” and tried again. It worked! Thank you very much. The dropdown now changed from “all” to “Pd. 3”, “Pd. 4”, etc.