CS Discoveries App design DATA

I want to learn how to use the data storing capability in our class app. Can someone send me directions or give me a hint or example on how to use and set this up?


Just a couple clarifying questions - are you talking about Unit 5 Lesson 13 with the types of cake flavors and icing? You used the Unit 4 Lesson 13 tag, but I believe you mean Unit 5?

General answer for data: Basically Unit 5 is about understanding numbers as representations so I would engage the class in a few surveys to start and brainstorm how they would organize the data collected. Then in Unit 5, Lesson 11 you can see data imported through a spreadsheet (downloadable on the lesson plan) and then see it “raw” with spelling mistakes and all different variations and then be able to “clean” it by organizing (renaming all variations of Bbq Chicken to BBQ Chicken will increase the bar chart).

Then in lesson 15 the students are able to explore with an app (which Lesson 14 unplugged was) and then “Remix” to see how the data is stored, but never in depth with the data tab on App Lab. I’m asking around to see tutorials and good examples that people can post… stay tuned!

Sorry for the delay - but we’ll get some help!


Hi Joell,

You also might want to take a look at the Post-AP data unit for CSP. It require more programming than the kids have seen in CSD, but it goes into more of the data functionality.



Ok, so here is what we would like to do, we are creating an app where students in our school would choose to items they would like served at lunch on a certain day of the week. I am wondering if we can collect that data and store it in our app using the data tab. But I am not sure how to use that tab so I am looking for support for that area. Does that make sense?