CS Principles for non AP class

can I teach some of the this course for a non-AP class or is it too difficult for them

Absolutely. In fact, I teach some of this course with my 8th grade students as well as an intro to CS. Its important to think about how you’re scaffolding lessons and activity guides (we do a little more together before I release them to complete work than I do with the high school students), but in many cases it is accessible.

If you’re worried about difficulty, you may also consider using the CSD curriculum instead which is meant for middle and early HS years.

I am finishing up CSD, I’ve done units 1-3. I just looking for more things to do, not a huge fan of units 4,5,6

In my middle school classes I teach units U3 and U4 of CSP after CSD U1-3.

ahh perfect, just what i was thinking !! thank you