CSA-U7 L14 Creative Coding with The Theater Project-issues

Hello, I am new to coding and using code.org for CSA.
I will have trouble helping my students with U7L14 project because of my “less-then-stellar” knowledge of coding.
Is there an exemplar or basic completed code for teacher to help explain the concepts in the project?

Hi @rderemer! Thank you for posting your question to the forum. We are definitely a community that helps teachers with all levels of experience!

Unfortunately there is no exemplar project for this level yet. When I get to this project with my students I might draw from their work in Unit 5 with their Personal Narrative Project.

I would like to see other community members hop on to this conversation and share what their students come up with. It would be nice to build a repository of student work especially for this level.

If there is something specific about the project that you are looking for clarification on please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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Unit 7 (and units 6 and 8) have lesson 1 as a project overview/ brainstorm day, and those lessons have several example projects.

I have been using this first lesson with the example projects as a way for me to wrap me head around the requirements, and for students to check out so that they understand what their projects should do.


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