CSD Unit 2 Lesson 7 - Looking for differentiated mini-project rubrics

Some of my students have completed most of the challenge bubbles up to this point in Unit 2, and I’d love to give out a basic, intermediate, and advanced rubric for the HTML/CSS mini-project. Each student would pick what level they think best aligns with their current skill set. (My kids LOVE to compete with one another, but they’ve also been known to slap work together and turn it in if they don’t feel particularly motivated.)

Does anyone have rubrics they’d be willing to share?

I love this idea - do you find that students tend to choose appropriately for their levels? I usually adapt the rubrics provided to be used in Google Classroom. I wonder how that would work for leveled projects. Makes me wonder if they all could use the same rubric, but have varying checklists for what gets included at the different levels.

I think I envision a “recreate this” type of rubric for the advanced level. They’d have to get their page to look exactly like the exemplar.

For the intermediate level, they could select from a checklist of items that have to be included in their mini-page.

The basic level would focus on functionality and clean code of their choice. Is it structured properly? Are the structure choices somewhat styled? Is the styling done properly?

I’ve never tried this before, so I can’t confidently say it would work. :thinking: