CSD Unit 5 Google Slides for each lesson

Please MAKE A COPY. Link to Google Drive Folder of complete CSD Unit 5 Resources: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BIkE6KOikXn6Etl4k8phCLlSvpQD-YfY

Includes a PearDeck integrated Google Slide-deck for each of the 15 Lessons and copies of all lesson plans and handouts separated into individual folders.

Ideas worth sharing. Last year when I started teaching CS Discoveries to my 6th-graders, I was inspired by a Forum post from “rlehman” where they generously shared slides for Unit 1. Inspired, I modified and embellished their slides and added PearDeck interactions to help reduce the amount of photocopies needed and increase student engagement in unplugged lessons. Getting ready for facilitating a CSD Workshop on Unit 5 I decided to polish up my slides for this unit and share them with the Code.org community in hopes that they may be useful for others.

Suggestions, corrections and comments welcome: rutherford_leola@asdk12.org


Thanks for sharing! I’m sure this will help a lot of teachers!



I just notice that the cards were not included in CODE.ORG!
When I saw your pack, I got very excited to see the set of cards there>
Thank you so much.