Dance Party Question Saving

Do students have an option to save dances they create? Can my students see each other’s dance creations?

Hi Aisha,
If you would like your students to save their dances, they will need to create accounts first. Students can see each other’s dance creations with or without accounts by copying the link found when pressing the Share button at the top of the screen. This is found in the last level of the lesson.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply. I have created my class and they all have a picture assigned and the password. Am I supposed to do something more? Does this mean they now have an account they can save their dances on? Where do they save their dances?

Please clarify what creating an account means. I believe I created their accounts for them, but now I am not sure.


It sounds like they already have accounts! If they are logged in while working, everything is saved automatically.