Dash ability and Single Air Jump

Link to the project or level:

What I expect to happen:
Character will jump into the air and then fall down without being able to jump again while in the air. Also, want the ability to utilize the x button for directional dash while either in the air or on the ground.

What actually happens:
Character can infinitely jump in the air. Character dash is infinite as well, but needs to be autonmatically refreshed upon landing.

What I’ve tried:
Using Y values for the jump but it wouldn’t work in the scale. For Dash - I tried using variables, but if you stay on the ground it keeps going up.

I thank all of you for your help on this one! Happy Holidays!

Hi @sheri.mcnair,

Fun game and cute little player character. The jump is easily fixed, or I think my solution is what you are asking, if you create another variable that must be true for the player to be able to cause the character to jump so they can’t click jump until after the character has landed on the ground. So, I set a canMove variable to “yes”. Then, added a && canMove==“yes” next to the keyDown=“up”. Then, set the canMove = “no” after the jump motion is in place.

Not sure if this is answering your question. Also not quite sure what you mean about character dash? Hopefully these tips will get you a little further along, but if not, let us know.

Hi Melynn,
Thank you so much for this fix! I so appreciate it. For the dash, the student said he tweaked some things over break and was able to make it the way he needs it, but was so happy to have an idea of how to tackle the jump. Thanks for taking the time to answer me.
Happy New Year!