Urgent-Could you help this student please?

Here is the link to his project. The character is meant to only be able to jump twice before it touches a platform. In line 52-60 the code checks to see if the jump variable is less than two. If it is, the character is able to jump and the jump variable is increased by 1. This part of the code seems to work fine. The value increases each time the character jumps and the character is unable to jump after two. The code meant to reset the jump value, lines 300-320 are not activating. The code is meant to check if the player is touching a platform and then set the jump value to 0. All the other parts of PLATSetup, the function the code is in, seem to be working and the jump value can be reset manually.


Sorry for the late reply - make sure to include tags and organize your post to the CSD and “Coding and Debugging Help” section because more people are watching that to provide speedy answers.

Checking through the code (the game is great by the way) it seems that changes have been made and references to the lines of code above (which is hugely helpful - thank you!) have been changed. Everything figured out?

Let us know, and again, sorry about the delay!

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