Dashlane interacting with my project on app lab

I have my login and password saved to dashlane and it enters in my login stuff even when the program is not running. Is there any way to prevent this from happening??

Hi @Aiden,

Can you clarify what you mean when you say it enters your login stuff when the program is not running? I see you’re in App Lab and you created a login screen. I haven’t used Dashlane before and am only aware of what it generally does. How can you tell it’s trying to enter your login credentials?

My guess is you might need assistance from someone who knows Dashlane. My other guess is if Dashlane thinks you’re trying to login to code.org, is there a way to just disable autologin for code.org in general? Which means you’d have to login manually for the entire site, but might fix the other problem.

You can’t see it but it already entered them in the boxes. I deleted the text in them so people can’t see my login stuff

I would show you but, I can’t do that