Data is being annoying

I have a screen on my game that displays my team’s name then after 5 seconds it goes to the game.
I have a getUserId(); but it put a / in the name. So now it just stays on that screen because going to the last screen you were last a needs getUserId()
This is what is in the debug console just in case it is Important:

Is there a way to reset someone’s user id?

Well, that sure sounds annoying! Are you working in app lab or game lab? Can you share your project?

I am working in app lab.

Hm, I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the problem, or at least I don’t see that error message in the debug console.

I do notice it seems you have element IDs that contain slashes

That might cause an issue… I don’t remember the ID naming rules, but I wouldn’t be surprised if slashes aren’t allowed.

You got lucky. For me my user id has a / in it. Therefore the system does not work for me.