Day 10-12 Binary/ Lesson Plan: Day 10-12 Binary

I will complete the lesson on binary numbers. This lesson will show students that binary numbers are important because using them instead of the decimal system simplifies the design of computers and related technologies.


Kenya Allen

Some students had difficulty in remembering how to read the code when they were creating their secrete messages.For students that still find it hard to create binary code I will have them to watch additional videos on binary coding. They will also complete the coding piano.

The discussion question: How can a spy use binary coding and why is it beneficial. Now relate this to computers.

I enjoyed the creative messages that the students came up with. Students can now create a message and see if their parents can uncover the secret message.

@kallen3 you have a variety of resources for teaching binary. I’d be interested in hearing how the students used the coding piano. It is similar to the Flippy Do, used in Computer Science Principles. My students seemed to grasp binary after we made the Flippy Do and did some activities.