Debug Blurriness during Sprite's Movement

Hi everyone,
We are still in the first part of Unit 3 at Lesson 17. Students are creating a “2 scene” e-Card for their projects. The student has attempted “debugging” his code to fix what is happening in his card on the 2nd scene. First, here is the link to his card:
What is happening:
Bats fly when clicking on jackolantern. However, they are blurry.

What expects to happen:
When the user clicks on the jackolantern, the bats should fly to the right and then to the left off screen without being blurry.

What he has tried:
He has tried repositioning the drawSprites block in several different locations. He has also tried different sequences to the coding blocks on the second scene.

I am sure this is something very easy that we are not seeing… Thanks for your help on this.

@sheri.mcnair ,

Fun card! I’m starting that project this week and hope my students do as well!

What is happening is that the background isn’t being redrawn with each movement of the bats. So, the student will need to add a background block into the code where the bats move. It may require one inside of each conditional where the bats move (ie. after lines 61 and again after line 68).

He may also need to redraw Happy Halloween if he wants it to stick around as well.

Let us know if you need any more assistance!


Thank you so much, Mike. You always come through for me! The student was so thrilled to get some guidance on the why and how to fix.

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