Debugging Text Question

Here’s one I’ve encountered before, but I’ve never quite been able to figure this out. I have a start button and instructions on a simple game I created CLICK HERE

The button and text disappear after you click. Which is how it is SUPPOSED to work. However, when I try to direct students to use similar code, we can never quite get the text to disappear. What am I missing? We have tried a bunch of different things but I can’t seem to see the difference between my code and student’s, such as this one CLICK HERE

The button disappears but the text does not. I know it’s possible to remove the text because it’s working in my game, but why not in theirs?


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I like the student’s game! Challenging. What makes text disappear is drawing a new background over the top of it. In your game, there is a (2nd) drawSprites block in the play( ) function that redraws the sprites (includng the background sprite) once the game starts thus covering up the text.

In the student’s game, when you exit the start screen and go to the gameplay( ) function, there is no new drawSprites block. I’m guessing if they put one inside the gameplay( ) function (above the score function call), it would cover up the text and work as intended!

Good luck!