Lesson 27 Project Design a Game help please!

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**Link to the project or level:**Code.org - Game Lab
**What I expect to happen:*my students score and ending message “great job!” should show up.
**What actually happens:it doesn’t show up
**What I’ve tried:everything I can think of…


I took a look at your project. I can’t see where you have code to display the score, but I can tell you why “great job” isn’t showing up.

Because you are using “grasstop” as a background (and it is a sprite), your drawSprites code is covering up the “great job” text because it is being drawn after the text is displayed. (It’s the last block in your draw loop).

If you move the drawSprites block above the sheepCollected function inside your draw loop, it will display the text after displaying the background and it will work.

You may still need to add the block to show the actual score because I don’t see you have done that.

Good luck!


Thank you so much! I’ve been grading so many of these my eyes start crossing after looking for bugs for hours!

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