Help with final project

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What I expect to happen: [replace with a detailed description of the behavior you’re trying to create] My student would like to have all sprites trigger “Game Over” once they reach their limit.
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The game is fine. There is nothing preventing execution.

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She has tried using “if statements,” but that doesn’t work.

Hi @christopher_franklin,

What a beautiful game - great job on the visuals and game play.

I was able to get a You Won screen when the egg score (score4) met the conditional which is what is coded. Are you wanting to make sure all the scores meet their conditional and then the You Won scene appears? That is what I am guessing based on the code. The way the code reads now, each score is evaluated separately. The best way to write code like this is to use the && block. So, the code would read:
if (score1>=1 && score2 >=2 && score3 >=5 && score4>=2)

Nested if statements would also work but this is the most clear way to evaluate all the conditions simultaneously. The && states that all conditions must be true in order to run the code in the brackets. The && block is in the math section of blocks.

I hope that helps!