Detecting Plagiarism



I assigned the creativity activity at the end of Unit 3 Lesson 7 to do a free drawing. A few of the drawings look “too good” and I suspect the students got code from elsewhere. Is there a way to confirm this? Look at their version history?


@grissom App Lab does not have a feature like Turn It In, where we can look for plagiarism.


I also look at their version history - I just have them bring up their computer and show their version history to me. I have also verbally quizzed students on “hey, what does THIS part to” if it looks really too advanced.

BUT, I would say 3/5 times, the kid has just spent a lot of time researching and got excited about the project. So, it is possible that it is their own work…


I agree, sometimes it looks “too good”. But I also have to say that I check at least once each day or every other day by walking around or checking in to see their progress. Especially on some of the more detailed work. Like Unit 3 Lesson 10. Getting out to see what they are doing also builds classroom community.
Checking version history in a pinch also works.