Difference between a domain name and a URL?

A student asked me this question today after the video for this lesson - is the URL the same thing as the domain name? I hedged and said I’d get back to her today. I found this: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-URL-and-DNS

Is this an accurate description of the difference?


The first two definitions on this page might be a better resource: https://domains.google/learn/the-difference-between-a-url-domain-website-more.html#/

Is there a code.org/another reliable resource that answers this question?


I don’t think there is an ‘official’ Code.org resource for this excellent question. I was thinking about an analogy with the land in a town being the domain and the address of a specific building in the town is the URL. The second link you provided does a better job of explaining it. I may pose this question to my students to see where they are.

Happy Computing,