Unit 1: Chapter 2 Test

In the Chapter 2 Test there is a question about subdomains. Was this covered in the DNS lesson? I don’t remember seeing it there, but maybe I missed it. On the whole, I feel like this assessment better reflects the lessons than the Chapter 1 Test, while still introducing AP-like questions to the students.

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I purposely didn’t cover the subdomains to see if they could figure it out on their own.

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@hwalden Subdomains are covered in U2L9 The Need for Adressing.
The IP and DNS Video & Worksheet covers it briefly.

Can you point it out to me directly? I just rewatched the video and looked through every single activity sheets and video worksheet in U1L9, even though the video worksheet was listed as optional. I see nothing about subdomains. Perhaps this was something that was originally included and unintentionally dropped or changed?

The video does not directly mention subdomains but it does make the connection about DNS (domain names) and IP addresses. The worksheet asks about IP addresses and hierarchy. While it does not directly mention subdomain, some of our students should make the connection. I hope this helps.

But here’s the thing - is this something all students should know and understand? Is it fair to leave this concept up to a few students who might pick it up from a worksheet or video? None of my students did - and I think it goes against the principle of CS for all. For students (and teachers) new to the subject, there’s no direction on this subject.

The brief history on that subdomains question is that it was on an early practice AP test from the college board. It threw us (Code.org curriculum team) for a loop, too. To be honest, I’m not sure I even really know what they are. Subdomains are not mentioned in the framework explicitly. It was on an early practice exam and if I was a betting man, I would guess that when reviewed more in depth it’s a question that might not make it to an actual exam because of the word “subdomain” not being terminology that’s in the framework.

We left the question on our little practice test because seeing a question that you don’t know the exact terminology for is very likely to happen on the real exam. But the concept of subdomains speaks to the notion of DNS being hierarchical which IS something students should have picked up, and looking at the question you can probably narrow down a few answers using intuition and what you know. Every end of unit test will likely have questions that stretch understanding beyond what was explicitly covered. Our hope is that using common sense and applying what you do know, you can come up with a plausible answer or at least narrow down from the answers given.


Thank you, Baker! I read your answer out to my students today, and they thought it was reasonable and makes sense.

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Thanks for the info Baker!

Quick question…request…is it possible for you guys to put the standard that each question covers on the unit assessments (perhaps listed with the answer for at least teachers to see)? This would be EXTREMELY helpful!

Thanks for everything you do!!

@adominguez There is no plan right now, but our lovely folks at Code.org are looking into the possibility of pointing to specific lesson(s).

hi how can i get to the test

It is at the bottom of Unit 1, after Lesson 14, labeled as “Unit 1 Chapter 2 Assessment”

If you don’t see it, then your account is not a verified teacher account.