Differentiation for Diverse Learners


ELL students: All materials are written out in Power Point so students can hear and see it.

Make sure assignments are written out with deadlines for students using Google Classroom or some type of calendar to help with time management.


Continuing the discussion from Differentiation for Diverse Learners:

Creating screen casts for students to review the lesson.


Group Members: S. Parker, M.Havins, C. Ross, C. Napp

Differentiation for ELL student might look like the following:

  1. Pair with a peer that speaks fluent English that can translate.
  2. Teacher repeats instructions or content of the lesson slowly and multiple times.

Differentiation for SPED students might be:

  1. Break lesson into smaller sections.
  2. Pair with a student that could guide and help.


I have enjoyed the role as a “facilitator” to my students, which creates a “peer tutoring” environment & not so dependent on me as the “teacher”.
November 10, 2018