English Language Learners in the CS Classroom


In our Q2 CSD workshop in Nashville today we discussed this topic. Here are some thoughts


Peer Tutoring is a great way to make sure ELL students are not left out.


Chunk topics into smaller more manageable tasks. Use bilingual vocabulary cards. Frayer Models work great too. Frayer Model includes the word in the center, each quadrant has one of the following: definition, picture, example, non-example.


Use Google Translate for the Activities Docs. In my class, the ELL student pastes the questions or instructions in to Translate-to Spanish, talks together, then put their answers in Translate to English and then pastes or types their responses in English into the activity sheet.


I find it so hard to believe that there is no translate feature built-in to the code programs. I mean, these are International programs - -it would be awesome if there was a translate button where students could choose their language and the translations take into consideration the specific vocabulary and tech-terms. I have found that Google Translate is inadequate in translating tech-specific terms and vocabulary.


Katherine, what a great idea. We have other translating pieces for our students, that would be a great feature as well!


I also will print out the English.Spanish version for the ESL students. This way they are learning English, and are still able to understand what the assignments are.

**_On a Side Note: I did find out in a meeting for my PLC’s that we need to stick with the actual accommodations according to the students IEP and or 504. If we are adding to that, when testing comes around, they will Not have the accommodations that we are giving them. Feels like a Catch 20.


yes, maritia.sparks Google Translate works well for ESL students in my class too :slight_smile: