Digital Journal for CSD

Wow! this is amazing! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Thank you SO much for sharing your work. This is incredible! If I am not doing all units with my classes, is there a way to remove the extra tab titles on the sides of all slides? I am not familiar with how to go about that.
Thanks again!

This is absolutely perfect!! Thank you so very much.

Thank you for sharing!! This is awesome :slight_smile:
I will probably end up breaking it up by unit so the file will be smaller and easier for students to load. Thanks again!

Thank you!! Iā€™m splitting this into 2 as I teach Units 1-3 the first year (2 meetings a week) and 4-6 the second year. I am so grateful!

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Thank you so much, this is amazing!!!

This is such a help!!!
Thanks for creating and sharing!!!

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Thank you for sharing! This is a wonderful resource!

Thank you so much! Love how this is organized for students to use!

This is awesome! I was just trying to decide HOW Iā€™d make this! You saved me so much work- Thank you!!!

Janice B.

This is invaluable! Thank you for your sharing!

Wow! Thank you very much for this resource!

This is a great journal template!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I have been stressing about how to create one for this course to use in Google Classroom, and you nailed it. Much appreciated.

This is a great template!! Thank you so much for creating this resource!

This Journal is an excellent resource, Thank you for sharing.

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