Do these stages require if-else if-else?

Hey all,

I was looking over the stages for this level and, unless I’m missing something, it seems like most of the stages don’t require the if-else if-else pattern that shows up in the video in Stage 4 ( Even Stage 5, the written explanation that usually summarizes the video, doesn’t mention this if-else if-else pattern - it only mentions if-else. The next few stages only seem to have binary choices that just require if-else (for example, if the mouse is on the left or right side of the screen).

Can someone help me understand why the video on Stage 4 introduces the if-else if-else pattern, but the rest of the lesson doesn’t seem to need it?

Hey @dschneider the simple answer here is that we’ve reused some of the videos originally shot for CS Principles in CS Discoveries. As a result there are a few instances where the concepts are described differently or in greater depth than they are used in that particular lesson. This has also happened occasionally in this unit if feedback from the pilot dictated changes to the structure of a lesson after we’d already shot the video. It’s something we’re planning to look at in greater detail this spring.

Hope that helps!

Hey GT - Thanks for the response. I’m realizing I did a poor job of phrasing my question and didn’t actually ask the question I meant to ask - I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything in the Code Studio stages that required the if-else if-else pattern since it’s the focus of the video.

I’m teaching the lesson today and my plan is to skip the video in this lesson and instead replay the video from Lesson 11 ( since that’s the one that talks about if-else. We’ll see what happens.

Hey @dschneider I don’t believe you’re missing any content from those stages. I think the main source of the discrepancy is the inclusion of that video.