Does a table exist in Applab

So I’ve been messing around with a project idea and I’ve come across that, unless I’m clueless, there isn’t any method inside of Applab to see if a table exists. I’ve been mainly trying to get this to work with readRecords, and received the error messages multiple times - I thought, Oh, I could just slip it in between a try catch block! but it never caught the error..?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Any of the database operations forks a new process. You cannot catch errors in that process. If there is an error in that second process you will get the error message and the process will terminate before running the callback. So if you wanted to you could set up a success flag to be set when the callback runs. You would then have to poll for the flag and time out with the assumption that an error has occurred. You could do that.

However, I would ask why you want to do that at all? You cannot create a new database from inside App Lab. So you already know before you push run if the database exists or not. Polling for a flag is also not the way you want to do things in App Lab. And ignoring error messages comes with its own problems.

So don’t do that.

Thanks, but I got it covered. The table is created in a backend server which is why I had to check if it existed when reading the records.