Downloading a kite--help with image size

I love the idea of downloading images for the animations (Bubble 10) but it is always frustrating when my students save an image and find out it’s too big (more than 100MB). Is there any easy way to know if an image is going to be the right size?

Hi @heather.caster -
Yes. Always a little frustrating but a great lesson for the kids.

There is no easy way to see file size from the search screen that I know of (so if someone has a tip - please share!). Here are some things I suggest to find the right picture. Some (or all) of these you may already know…

  1. Creative commons allows you to search by image size. You can choose small.
  2. When searching in Google on the image search tab, choose TOOLS and then SIZE and even when I chose medium, I get plenty of image that are less than 100MB.
  3. You have to view the properties of the image to view the file size once it is downloaded. That process is different depending on your computer.

If my kids REALLY want an image that is too big, they will go to Google Draw and physically shrink the file to try and get it to the correct file size. This works, eventually, most of the time.

Hope some of these tips help but let us know if not. Perhaps others have some additional tips to share.

If it’s not blocked at your school, I like the image site

If you restrict the search to illustrations, when they click on one they find, they can see usually 4 different sizes of each image and they can download the smallest. Even then, the smallest isn’t always small enough, but a lot of times they are.


2 Likes has received good reviews. It has the benefit of working on Chromebooks. You download an image and if it is too big you can either reduce size or quality. It shows you before and after sizes with a preview of what the image will loose in detail.