Dropdown Issue--Unsure if bug in code or Code.org Issue

Hello! I have a student working on an app for the CSP Unit 6 end-of-unit project, and we’ve run into a strange issue. He is using a dataset, lists, and dropdown menus. When the user selects a region of the world, the list is filtered, and all countries from that region are populated into dropdown menu #2. I’ve tested the first dropdown menu and can confirm that if the user only selects different regions from the first dropdown menu without touching anything else, the options in dropdown #2 change appropriately.

The problem occurs when the user selections a region in dropdown #1, selects a country in dropdown #2, and then tries to change the region again in dropdown #1, the countries are no longer updated. I’ve even put a watcher on the filtered list he’s using and can confirm that the filtered list updates when you only change dropdown #1, but they no longer change once you select an option in dropdown #2 and try to use dropdown #1 again.

I’ve scoured the code, tried a few different things, and nothing has worked. I’m wondering: is this a bug in Code.org? If you select an option in a dropdown menu, can you no longer change the options in that dropdown menu while the program is running? I’ve included the link below. Any insight would be appreciated!

There is an infinite loop on line 46

for(var i = 0; countriesList.length; i++){

It needs to be corrected to

for(var i = 0; i < countriesList.length; i++){

Thank you so much! My student stared at the code for probably an hour, and I can’t believe I missed that. I’m surprised Code doesn’t have a way to warn you in the console that you’ve entered an infinite loop!