Unit 5 Project Help

I have assigned the Project in the Unit 5 that utilizes traversals.
I have a student that wants to use a dropdown and looked back at the Traversals Practice (Dog Filter) for help.
Her problem is that she cannot get her if statements to actually be accessed when the search button in clicked.
Could anyone see the issue here?

What I expect to happen: The user selects a building in the drop down. It connects to the building at its index in the dataset for World’s Tallest Building. It displays the Building, date, and height for that building
What actually happens: The if statements are not accessed and everything comes out as undefined.
What I’ve tried: We have tried using many different conditions for the if statements, including using the building[i] =“building name here”&& buildingInput=“Same Building Name” but the if statements will not be recognized.

You have [ ] around the getColumn calls. That puts the array returned by getColumn into an array.

Thank you so much! I knew it was something small that I just could not see after looking over so many different codes!