Help with Hackathon Unit 5 (one more group to help...)

We want the traversal to sort through the dataset and find the entries with TV show or Move, and eventually country. Then give us only either movie OR TV show from the list.

Nothing actually happens at this time.

We’ve tried some for loops, but we don’t really know. We have also tried some if statements. Nothing seems to work.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

You have a race condition. A race condition is when two different sequences of code are running at the same time and it is a race to finish. That for loop is toxic because of that. It tries to race with the getColumn calls and loses causing an infinite loop. Remove that for loop.

With 4593 entries it takes a couple seconds to do both getColumn calls. So wait a second or two before you push any buttons.

thank you so much for your help!

I have no experience with coding, and am learning alongside my students! All help is greatly appreciated!

We will try this tomorrow morning!