Each Student Create Own Algorithm and Abstraction?

I know students may collaborate on their program, but does each student need to create their own algorithm and abstraction? So, there are two sets as part of the program?

Or, do students create one algorithm and abstraction but leave comments where each student took the lead on that section?

Thanks in advance!

Both students must create their own!

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@madeline_r_burton is correct. If you read the instructions (sorry it won’t let me copy and paste the words):

For both 2c and 2d the instructions state that code must be “developed individually on your own”

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I found the handouts that code.org provided last year extremely helpful for both me to explain virtually and for the students to review. I believe they are in the Create Task heading under lesson 2 or 3 for examples and scored samples for responses 2b, 2c and 2d. They go over the sample, and the score they received. Especially for the Algorithm and Abstraction section. And if they did not get full marks, it mentioned why they did not. It also linked to the student sample.