Early poster order

Is there any way to order posters now? I want to use them as a recruitment tool to get more students involved in the year-long code.org club now rather than waiting until hour of code comes along. I’m fine with last years posters, or any posters you have hanging around that I can use to advertise. Please help.

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I can only find the page where the posters can be printed: https://hourofcode.com/us/promote
I can ask about a timeline for the sending of promotional materials.


@jjones - The ones you can order will be available in October but until then the best bet is to print them from the link @anmrobnott shared.


As I prepare for Hour of Code, is Code.org still sending out the printed versions of the inspirational posters? Stickers? Bracelets?

I was wondering that too! I was told that code.org would even send out some of these materials free of cost, but I don’t know who to contact! Would love to find a cost-efficient way for me to print out some posters for myself as well.