ECS Monthly Meeting - September


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Tomorrow: CS10K Webinar about ECS Assessments
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Phase 3 In-Person Starting
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My School District has disabled Google Hangouts and Google+
When I clicked on the Google+ Link it gave the following error: “This video is unavailable in Restricted Mode.” All anyone needs to do is click on bottom-right YouTube icon in the video window that launches, then open the video directly in YouTube to view the live cast. It’s a simple workaround for Admin Restrictions in a school/edu Google Domain. I was able to view the live cast with no issues and used Twitter #CodeorgPD to live tweet during the event. Please share this for our next Google Hangout so other educators don’t get frustrated:-) Thanks again for everything tonight - Anthony Gagliano /


Thanks so much for sharing this Anthony! We will definitely highlight that for next time. So glad you joined us tonight!


Thanks Anthony! We’ll announce that for the next session!