ECS Unit 1 Lesson How many computers are there in the room?

So… processing through the lesson produced all of the common responses one would expect. However, one student made a good argument that cells could be considered as computers… Yes, living cells. So, since all answers were considered ‘game’ within reason I decide to do some research over the weekend and found this (understand that I’m an environmental scientist / wildlife biologist teaching computer science for the first time!) . The part that got me was the slime mold -Canada-oat flake example of a biological a ‘minimal spanning tree’, a concept that was newly introduced to me this summer at the UCLA PD. So, here is my question, do at least some living organic cells (the kind that come from other living things) be considered as computers?

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Dear madohuf
Do you have a blog to follow. Your field, and you’re coding recommend you to my interest. I have “lucked out” and now am an environmental science teacher (to some extent) as well as the school programming instructor. What part of the world do you live in? I am in Houston.
Thomas Johanson

Good Day. I live in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.

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What does your schedule look like this year? Matt

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