Error Creating a Record



I’m playing with files and I have an error when creating a record.

My Project:
My error:

Can anyone help? or point me at some more comprehensive documentation on the createRecord function than you have on the site?

Thanks! - Ellen


Did you look at this documentation?


I did, but it wasn’t very comprehensive. My code was an attempt to mimic the example, and I need more detailed information about the syntax in order to correct the error.


So…I am absolutely NOT an expert, but this “worked”. I added an additional var on line 3: mostRecentId=1, and two lines to getScrData (now line 80; and mostRecentId ++).

I think that you have to explicitly give your record an id field and I think that you need to update the value of mostRecentId so that you aren’t saving all records to the same place. That said, I strongly suspect that mostRecentId++ is the wrong choice–I feel like this won’t put all of a single student’s info into the same searchable location?


This gave me a bunch of errors.


@esatter1 - The folks took a preliminary look and the app appears to working correctly. They may need access to your data set to help debug this. They ask that you send email to with as much info as possible so they can start a dialog with you to debug this privately.


thanks! I will! ________