Create datasets from input in created APP

Is there a way to create an app in to populate a dataset? Right now all we can do is pull from a completed dataset. Is there a tutorial to populate a dataset (from the created app in and then pull info?

There are some built in functions in the “data” tab that you can use to collect data and store it. If you hover over the function in the toolbox, you should be able to click on “Examples” To get to the documentation with examples. Here is a link to the documentation for createRecord.

Hi. Thank you for sharing. I really want to learn about createRecord, but the link takes me to an empty project.

Here is a link to the AppLab documentation that has some examples.

Thank you again. I have a few questions. I am working on an app for a friend who is a math teacher.

The goal of the app is help students review for a standardized test by answering questions. The students are able to select the number of questions using a dropdown menu. The questions are random.

For each question, the students/users are presented with four answer choices. Of course, there is always a correct answer, and three wrong answers. The right answer takes a random location every time there is a new question. The student/user has to select the correct answer to gain a point. If the student replays the game and gets the same question, the wrong answers won’t be the same.

To accomplish all this, I am using an array of arrays. So far, so good.

My friend wants to collect data. That is to say, she is wondering if she can see the points scored by her students in a spreadsheet or a table.

Can this be accomplished using createRecord?

I think createRecord would be the way to save student responses.

Dear Madeline Burton & Sangeeta Bhatnagar:

Thank you so much. This is great. I used the following code and it works like a charm. I will continue experimenting, but so far I wrote the following code:

// Global variable
var nameAndScore={};

// The following code is inside a conditional which is inside an onEvent. The onEvent takes the user to one of three end screens based on the score obtained.
// brandNewName, playerScore, and totalQuestions are variables used throughout the code. = brandNewName;
nameAndScore.score = playerScore; = totalQuestions;

createRecord(“Student && Score”, nameAndScore, function(record) {
return record;

The code creates a table named Students && Score. The table has 4 columns: id, name, score, total. Every time the students play, the table adds a new row.