App Lab - Table Generation

I have students who are trying to populate a table with results chosen from drop down boxes and check boxes. Would you happen to know where I can find the resources in code to be able to accomplish this task? Am I missing it in one of the CS Discoveries lessons?

Thank you!

Hi Eric,

Within the scope of Discoveries, students learn to get properties from form objects and then set those properties in other objects. It is in Unit 6, Lesson 6. An example of what I think you are describing can be seen in THIS activity where students complete two text boxes and the data is placed in two text label areas on the app screen.

I believe populating a data table is in the Principles curriculum. There is an overview in the documentation for the createRecord block HERE and looks like the full lesson is CSPrinciples HERE (but a CSP expert can chime in if there is a better place to go).

Very cool your kids are thinking beyond what is taught!

Hope this helps,