App Lab Data Tables

Currently using App Lab to create online shopping app. Is it possible to write item properties to a Data Table to serve as the cart (table of items purchased)?

I created a table in the Data tab and added columns for each item: Color, Size, Quantity, Price. Would like to write data based on items purchased to populate columns in the table.

You would need to manually create an empty table with column names in the Data tab. Then you can add items to the table using the createRecord function.

Gotcha…just noticed the “Data” tab and was able to write to the table…thx.

Hi -

I am trying to learn App Lab from beginner(I am familiar with the basics) to Advanced Level - what would be the best way to go about it ?

Is there a folder/tutorial available for teachers.

Thanks for all suggestions.

Start here for an overview - Intro to App LAB
It will help with the design mode, then progress through level 4 of CS discoveries

As for Advanced, you could check out CS Principals Unit 3 - Intro to App Design
The forums here are helpful, so is youtube. I found that I needed to work through the level with students, and I learned most from answering their questions. Answering other teachers’ questions in the forums was another big help.